LTA series Jigging Machines



LTA series jig machines belong to double rooms under single plug-fuse type. They exploits water as medium, and
separate the concentrate from teh gangue or the waste according to the density differences of different materials.

Working principle:
LTA series jiggers are the down-moving tri-rooms jigger. It transmits by the pulley of the eccentric shaft driven by the
motor.The eccentric shaft bear form decentraction motion after the adjustment of the adjustment device and the
connection rod will be driven to do the alternating movement. The other end of the connecting rod is fixed
on the moving shaft of the moving frame. There is a supporting point connecting to the rack section in the center of the
moving frame, so the moving frame will be driven to do the up-down alternating motion focusing on the supporting
point. The down-centrum fixed on the moving frame move up-down alternatively passively to press the
water flow in the case to product waves and the waving water flow through the screen will dash the bed medium and
the ore to do parabola motion. The ore will be fed at the feeding port, and the ore will drop in different speed to separate
naturally. The ore with small density will be discharged out of the machine as a result of the water flow while the ore with
big density will go through the bed medium to enter the down-centrum and will be discharged from the concentrate
discharging port to finish the jigging beneficiation.

LTA series jig machines work through sine wave motion. They take the advantages of high recovery rate, large handling
capacity, continuous working, water-recycling, environment-friendly, semi-automatic. And also, they can work without
any requirement about water quality used.

They are extensively used in the beneficiation processing of kinds of metals & non-metals & smeltign slags like tungsten,
tin, antimony, mercury, alluvial gold deposits, manganese ore, barites, fluorite, lapis lazuli, pyrite,limonite,
silico-manganese slag, ferro-nickle slag, ferro-manganese slag, ferro-chromite slag. 

LTA series jigging machine has three kinds: Jigging machine LTA55/2 used for experiment, jigging machine LTA1515/2,
Jigging machine LTA2020/2.

Advantages :
1, The structure is compact,  a small area covered, large handling capacity.
2, Eccentric connecting & rod transmission, sine wave jig cycle curve & powerful jig water flow
3, Simple structure & simple operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable operation.
4, Convenient adjustment of Stroke and stroke frequency, and low operation cost.

Technical Parameter: 

Model Stroke
Stroke(mm) Stroke Times
LTA55/2 0.5 0-25 250-350 8 1-5 4-20 1.5
LTA1010/2 0.5 0-25 250-350 8 5-15 20-60 3
LTA1515/2 0.5 0-50 200-300 10 30-50 100-140 5.5
LTA2020/2 0.5 0-50 200-300 10 40-60 160-200 7.5 

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